square one

I keep fic and podfic here as a permanent, personal archive. I am

[personal profile] templemarker on DW and [info]templemarker on LJ. I have an AO3 account, which is located here; eventually everything will make it over there. Stories posted for those challenges are reposted here and on my journals.

All posts are cross-posted to LJ and DW; fic and podfic is cross-posted to this archive. My stories and audio should be universally available from all these places via the tags, broken down by fandom.
Podfic is crossposted between LJ and DW, as well as [community profile] amplificathon and

[info]amplificathon. It’s permanently archived at the Audiofic Archive, and is usually first put in the podfic folder of my Mediafire account as well. I do take requests for podfic, with the caveat that I’m not comfortable reading explicit sex aloud, and I’m always delighted when an author gives me general permission to record their stories.

I am perhaps alarmingly multifannish, but generally speaking you’re going to find me talking about Generation Kill, the Star Trek universe, or political philosophy. Or political philosophy in Gen Kill or Star Trek. But as a rule of thumb, I jump from fandom to fandom almost on a story-by-story basis.

I really love feedback on what I’m doing, whether it’s meta or podfic or fic, and I try to reply to every comment, but see above re: time and my failure with it. I also love lurkers (hi lurkers!) and hope you find something you enjoy here. I don’t tend to discuss RL in this fandom space, but it’s worth mentioning that I have a chronic illness which will sometimes sweep me under the knees and deliver a roundhouse kick to the head, and I will disappear for protracted lengths of time. Sorry in advance if I do a disappearing act.

You can find links to all the places I rec and bookmark stories here. And be warned: I read a lot.