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by templemarker

Notes: For [info]lady_red90 in [info]numb3rs_newyear 2010. Takes place in Season 5. I looooooooove David and Colby. Thanks to the usual suspects, and to the mods for running the challenge! Originally posted here.


“Hey, did you get milk on the way home?” Colby asked, head deep in the fridge.

David dropped his keys on the front table and shrugged out of his coat, hanging it over Colby’s jacket on the rack near the door. “It wasn’t on the list.”

Colby’s head peeked over the fridge door to stare balefully at David. “You’re supposed to read my mind,” he said lightly. “Partners and all that.”

“Last I heard partners knew how to text message, especially when there’s a grocery run in progress,” David said, bringing his bags into the kitchen. Colby shut the door and bumped up against him, cornering him against the counter until David let the bags drop and twisted his fingers into Colby’s shirt to draw him into a kiss.

“Read my mind,” Colby murmured, pushing off David’s suit jacket and letting it wrinkle on the counter despite David’s disapproval.

“No need,” David said, resting his hands on Colby’s ass, fitting them into the pockets he found there. “You’re loud and clear.”

Colby laughed, because he was a sucker for a bad line, and David shut him up with his mouth. The kitchen got a slant of soft afternoon sunlight; they were only home at two in the afternoon because of an all-nighter on a rough paper trail that had Don sending them home once he realized they were falling asleep at their desks. Sometimes they went to Colby’s apartment, but almost everything had migrated over to David’s, and there was no point in keeping up a pretense.

The counter was digging in to David’s back, and he pushed until Colby grunted and moved back. Trial, error, and a fair amount of practice got them to the bedroom without incurring too many injuries. The bed was still rumpled from two days ago, when the alarm had gone off at eight in the evening to push them back towards the office; the sheets needed to be changed, but who really cared?

Clearly not Colby, who dropped to his knees and took David’s pants with him.

“Army of One?” David said archly on an exhaled breath.

“Someday you’re gonna stop making that joke. I live for that day,” Colby said, shaking his head and taking David’s cock into his mouth. David laughed for half a second until it turned into something else entirely.

“Fuck,” he said, watching Colby work him over through half-slitted eyes. Colby never looked up, always focused on what he was doing; the seal of his lips around David’s cock send shudders wracking through David’s body, a trick Colby had learned early on that always seemed to work. David pressed a palm against Colby’s temple, feeling his pulse jump against David’s skin.

Colby’s pulled off with a wet noise and pushed David in the direction of the bed. David went, shuffling out of his shoes and pants, not even caring that his hand-tooled Italian leather loafers went flying across the room. Colby always did that to him, especially when he looked so intent.

“C’mere,” David said, shrugging off his button-up and pulling his undershirt over his head. He was naked, and Colby had managed to shove off his jeans, leaving him in briefs and a henley. It was the best thing David had ever seen.

Colby came, meeting David with his lips, pushing him back on to the bed. The comforter was bunched up under David’s back, but he didn’t care. His fingers found their way under fabric to meet Colby’s hot, hot skin, and David skimmed the shirt off and threw it on the floor.

“I was thinking about this,” Colby muttered, biting a pattern up David’ chest, “when we were in the breakroom, you know, when Nikki came in with those doughnuts. I thought about pressing you against the fridge and fucking your mouth with my tongue, and for half a second I thought I’d actually done it. I was so tired.”

David laughed, and grabbed Colby’s cock in his hand just to make Colby jump. “Lunch run,” he confessed, jacking Colby through his underwear. “I was waiting at the taqueria for our food and I thought about calling you, seeing if we could make out in that sixth floor closet, the one that isn’t covered in the camera sweep from the staircase angle.”

Colby groaned and chuckled, arching into David’s hand. “This was a long fucking case,” he said.

“It was a long, fucking boring case,” David amended. “I love my job, but who gives a shit about credit rankings in hedge funds?”

“Shut up,” Colby ground out, grinding against David’s hand, pulling him close to kiss him deeply.

David pushed down Colby’s briefs until Colby could kick them off, and then they were hard and hot against each other, skin against skin. David loved it like this, easy and simple and so hot because it was them, like all they needed was each other and a flat surface. The flat surface was even optional.

Colby made the deep-seated grunt he reserved for being so close to coming, and David reached around and pressed his index finger against Colby’s asshole. Colby bucked in surprise, making a helpless noise and coming against David’s thigh. David kept going, really getting into the sharp groove of Colby’s groin, pushing up against him and tilting Colby’s head to better kiss him. It was easy to come with Colby’s mouth against his own.

After a second, Colby reached for a tissue and haphazardly cleaned them up. He threw it, aiming for the trash and missing it, but David didn’t even care. He tugged Colby close, resting fingers on Colby’s neck, and enjoyed the fact that he didn’t have to go into work for the next seventy-two hours.

“Hey,” Colby said muzzily into the skin of David’s shoulder. “You gonna go get me some milk?”

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