Constant Speed Test

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by templemarker

Notes: For lilysaid in femslash09. Relevant to fourth movie canon, so spoilers there. Mia/Letty, very NC17. With thanks to marcolette and affectingly.

“Why did you even come back?” Mia asks plainly, stirring honey into her tea. She only lets herself have coffee in the mornings, these days, and fruit tea for late nights with too many books and too much solitude.

Letty doesn’t answer, just bangs around the garage looking for tools for the exhaust work she’s doing on her M5. The radio is playing scratchy Spanish rap, and Mia has to resist bobbing her head to the music. It reminds her of before, when the house was filled with people and her brother hadn’t exiled himself south of the border.

Mia sets the spoon down and lets the tea cool off in the evening air of Echo Park. She thinks sometimes she should have moved, that she should get roommates, that she should be closer to school. But she can’t bear to give up the house her parents worked so hard to pay off, the house where she grew up under Dom’s patient care, the garage where her father built his dreams. She’s already hurt so much. She doesn’t want to court any more.

“Why are you here?” she says again, more loudly this time, watching the line of Letty’s back stiffen. She knows Letty hears her, heard her before, but when that damn girl doesn’t have a smart mouth on her she goes silent, and dangerous.

“Fine, don’t talk to me,” Mia says, and it’s more tired than she wants to let on. “But if you’re staying here you’re in Dom’s room, and I’m not making you dinner. Fix it yourself.”

She takes her tea, and turns to leave, but then there’s a greasy hand on her shoulder, spinning her around, sending the mug flying into a wall of wrenches. “Fucking–” Mia spits out, and then Letty’s mouth is on hers, pushing her into the door, wood bar digging into her back.

They did something like this when they were teenagers, girls trying to kiss or whatever. Letty with a house full of brothers and Mia surrounded by them too. She was the only girl who got it, what it was like to want things the girls at school didn’t care about but still want girl things too.

Something like this, but not exactly. Not hard, not punishing, not adult. Those kisses were soft and quiet, trying not to wake Dom; Letty’s eyes were always on Dom, anyway, and Mia didn’t really care because Letty was just her friend.

This isn’t very friendly.

Letty’s shorter, but stronger, pushes against her until she’s gasping for air, fingers raking up her breasts and down into her pants, rubbing without warning against her clit through her underwear. She’s not coming, but she’s close. Letty rubs harder, not looking at her, ducking into the curve of Mia’s shoulder and biting down. It sends a shudder through her, a shudder that rubs her against Letty’s fingers and sets off a whole other chain of reactions. She’s staring at the garage ceiling as it rolls through her, at the hook-and-chain that could hold a Charger engine, but doesn’t any more.

Letty steps back, hard look in her eyes, and pulls her hand from Mia’s jeans only to tug her by the waistband over to her modded BMW. She pauses to slam down the hood and then pushes Mia on it, slipping out of her cargo pants and underwear to crawl over Mia. She doesn’t even ask, just rises up against Mia’s mouth, and Mia’s hands are curling over Letty’s thighs in response. They did this too, tested their tongues on each other, and the scent of Letty is familiar but more, sweat-tinged and musky from an afternoon of banging around in this place Dom never let her be, a place she had to let herself inside.

Mia doesn’t let herself think about Dom anymore. She’d bet hard money that Letty’s trying not to either, but she’s a little busy pressing her tongue up into Letty, hard and fast and unrelenting the way Letty likes her cars. They both know how to drive stick, but sometimes a girl wants something else, something a little smoother. She remembers how to dig her fingernails into Letty’s skin, enough to leave marks for tomorrow.

Letty’s loud when she comes, always has been, whether she was under Mia’s tongue or with Mia’s brother in the bedroom down the hall. They weren’t always healthy, the Torretto adopted family, but they were pretty fucking happy, and Mia wishes she could be more angry with Letty but they both know whose fault it is that the house is empty and Letty came back home.

When Letty bucks against her, Mia sticks two fingers in her, stretches them wide. Letty curses, and Mia knows it hurts, but that was the point. Letty came back, with a hard-assed look on her face and without Dominic, no explanation.

Mia’s fucking sick of being ignored, and hates being lied to.

When Letty drops down beside her, the rush of breath between them dies down and the music floats back towards them; down the street Mickey Vasquez is gunning the engine of his Subaru hatchback, and Nina next door is cursing playfully at her husband for not bringing the rice she asked him to pick up. Brian kept Mickey out of juvie when he got bumped up on a possession charge, and he still checks in on the Bernadinos to see if they need help with their Toyota. Brian ran away, and he came back. Letty fucking came back. If Letty doesn’t explain where Dominic is soon, and why he isn’t here with his family, Mia might just have to fuck her through the wall over her brother’s room just to prove a point.

Dominic might have caused all the trouble, but Mia lost everything too, and if people are going to keep coming back without warning she’s going to have to protect herself somehow.

She doesn’t say anything when Letty reaches down for her pants, stuffs her underwear in her pocket, and leaves. Mia just rests on the car, still warm from the engine tests Letty was running, and thinks about all the things she’d thought she set aside five years ago.


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  1. Mlyn Says:

    Wow, AWESOME. I’m so glad to see femmeslash with these two, but especially good femmeslash. The angry, hurt, aggressive interaction between these two is perfect. I expected something a little softer, but you’re right in writing Letty as needing it this way. Mia can do soft; Letty can’t. Writing Mia as giving Letty what she wants makes Mia stronger, more assertive, and more interesting than I’ve given her credit for. Great job.

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