A Thoroughly Modern Marriage

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by templemarker

Notes: For Porn Battle VIII. Miles/Julian/Keiko, voyeur.


Miles wasn’t ashamed to admit he was a shallow creature, watching the two bodies on his bed moan and writhe before him. He loved beautiful things, beautiful people, as much as he liked to get his hands dirty fixing things that mattered. But the most complex power differential puzzle couldn’t even begin to compare with the sight of Julian, eyes wide and unseeing, at the mercy of Keiko, who was watching him contort under her hand with something close to satisfaction.

She had always known about his preference to watch, and had indulged him in it more times than made him blush to think. She was a good woman, his wife, had called him on wanting Julian even before he really knew.

And now there they were, Julian gasping for air, Keiko’s nails digging into his thigh, and Miles had the prime view, watching them take from each other and serving it all up like one of those holosuites on Rigel V. His fingers locked into the arms of his chair, and his hips canted up uncontrolled. He licked his lips, mouth hanging slightly open as Keiko pushed the first of her fingers between Julian’s legs, and it’s only the sound Julian made and the pleased little hiss Keiko gave in response that kept him from getting up from his chair and joining right in.

Keiko’s gaze swung to him, and the smile she wore is something Miles remembered from some of his better, luckier nights in the duration of their marriage. “Is this what you wanted, Miles?” she asked, thrusting her fingers in and out of Julian like it’s the most natural thing in the world. “Or did you want to be the one making him ride your fingers, as I’m working your cock to get you ready to take him?”

The wordless noise Miles made is punctuated by Julian’s own grunts; Keiko must have been hitting home, then.

“Come on, Miles,” Keiko said, teasing, taunting, knowing him better than any other being in the galaxy, except for Julian, who’s under her spell as well. “Come over here.”

He rose without a second thought.


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