X & Y

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X & Y
a story by [livejournal.com profile] claire_kay
read by templemarker

Notes: I picked up a pinch hit in [info]pod_together 2011, collaborating with [livejournal.com profile] claire_kay on her Glee story. I experimented a little more than I usually do with bringing music into the podfic, because this was a story structured so explicitly around a specific album. I’d love feedback on how it worked (or didn’t work) for you.

The story is rated PG-13, and pairings include Kurt Hummel/David Karofsky and Rachel Berry/Quinn Fabray. This is an alternate season three set-up and was originally posted here. The podfic is 23:39, 128kps and available to download as a MP3 or a M4B.

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