The Portable Minim Calibre

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For my beautiful wonderful favoritest [personal profile] minim_calibre‘s Jesus birthday a couple years ago, I secretly undertook a project of recording and compiling several of her stories into what I eventually called "The Portable Minim Cablibre." It was a lot of fun to do, back in mumbletymumble when podcasts and their fannish outcropping, podfics, were really getting going.

A collection of stories, including Coastal, Unmade, Five Ways to Have a Happy Ending, and Not One of Them True, Closing Time, Same Old Story, Port in a Storm, Anchored, Marking Time, Warfare, and The Devil’s Own.

Read by [personal profile] templemarker.

Available at the audiofic archive, as an mp3 or m4b (thank you [personal profile] cybel and [personal profile] aphelant!).

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