Sweet Talk

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Sweet Talk
by destina
read by templemarker


Story: SPN RPS, Jared/Jensen, PG13, 3k words
Details: MP3, 17.9 MB, 19:32
Download as a zip file from the audiofic archive, or as a podbook courtesy [personal profile] cybel.

Original podfic notes:
I’ve been tooling around with podfic for awhile, on and off. This one was a lot of fun, but it’s also rough in places, due to the poor quality of my laptop microphone and the new software I was using. It blurps in one place I couldn’t fix, and you can hear the unpleasant whir of my laptop fan. It brings the sound quality down some, so sorry about that.

The lead-in and -out track is “60B” by Nancy Wilson, which is from the Elizabethtown soundtrack and a lovely piece of music. Also, there are places where I go a bit Southern in the reading. It’s not my fault! It’s the boys being Texan!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

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